What is Trump’s View on Education?

As the 45th President of the United States, Donald Trump has made his views on education clear. He believes that education is a key to success in life, and he wants to make sure that all American children have the opportunity to get a good education. Trump has proposed a number of education initiatives, including school choice and voucher programs, that he believes will help improve the quality of education in the United States.

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Donald Trump has made his views on education clear through his actions and statements over the years. He has proposed various changes to education policy, including school choice and Betsy DeVos as Secretary of Education. However, he has also been critical of the education system, saying that it is “broken” and in need of reform. Trump’s views on education are sure to shape the future of the American education system.

Trump’s View on Education

Donald Trump has been very vocal about his views on education. He has stated that the education system in America is “flush with cash” but it is “not being spent wisely.” Trump has also said that he would like to see more focus on vocational and technical education.

Lowering the Cost of College

In August of 2016, then-candidate Donald Trump proposed a plan to lower the cost of college. “There’s no reason a student should take on hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt,” Trump said. “We’re going to work very, very strongly to make sure that doesn’t happen.”

Trump’s plan includes capping student loan payments at 12.5% of a graduate’s income and forgiving the loans after 15 years. He also wants to allow students to use money from their parents’ and grandparents’ federal retirement benefits to pay for college.

During his presidential campaign, Trump told CBS News that he would cut the Department of Education’s budget by $20 billion and “reinvest these savings into our children’s future.” It’s unclear what Trump plans to do with the money he cuts from the department, but he has said he wants to put it toward school choice initiatives like charter schools and private school vouchers.

The president has not proposed any specific plans for how he would achieve his goals on education, but he has appointed several people with experience in the field to key positions in his administration. Betsy DeVos, his Secretary of Education, is a staunch supporter of school choice initiatives like vouchers and charter schools.

School Choice

One of Trump’s key platforms during his presidential campaign was school choice – the idea that parents should be able to choose which schools their children attend, whether that be public, charter, private, religious, or home schools.

Trump has spoken out in support of school choice on numerous occasions, most recently during his 2019 State of the Union address. In it, he said: “Parents should be free to choose the public, private, charter, religious, or home school that is right for them.”

The Trump administration has also taken steps to support school choice initiatives. In 2017, Trump signed an executive order creating a commission to promote “educational excellence” through school choice. The commission issued a report in 2018 recommending several steps to expand school choice options for parents and students.

It is clear that Trump believes parents should have the freedom to choose which schools their children attend. He has spoken out in support of this idea on many occasions and his administration has taken steps to promote educational excellence through school choice initiatives.

Common Core

Trump has been a critic of the Common Core State Standards Initiative, calling it a ” disaster ” and a ” total catastrophe.” He has also said that he would get rid of it if he becomes president.


Trump’s education plan has five central components: expanding school choice, investing in teacher quality, modernizing school facilities, reducing the cost of college and ensuring students graduate with useful job skills. He has proposed using $20 billion in federal funding to create a block grant for states to expand school choice. Trump also wants to invest $100 billion over 10 years in repairing and upgrading public schools. And he has promised to streamline the process for approving funding for school construction projects. Trump has said he will work with Congress to pass a law that would redirect existing federal education spending into a block grant for states, with the goal of giving them more flexibility to use the money as they see fit. In addition, Trump has proposed eliminating the Education Department’s regulations that he says are imposing “unnecessary burdens” on schools and teachers. He also wants to get rid of Common Core, a set of educational standards that have been adopted by most states. Finally, Trump has said he will work with Congress to create a new program that would forgive student loans for people who go into certain fields, such as teaching or engineering.

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