What is Trump’s Education Plan?

Trump’s education plan is to get rid of Common Core and return education decisions to the states. He also wants to get rid of gun-free school zones.

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Donald Trump’s education plan has been the subject of much debate and speculation. However, the general outlines of the plan are clear. Trump’s education plan would significantly increase funding for charter schools and private school vouchers, while also cutting back on regulations relating to testing and accountability. This would likely lead to a decrease in funding for public schools, which could lead to teacher layoffs and larger class sizes.

Trump’s Education Plan

Trump’s education plan is to invest $20 billion in federal funding for school choice programs. This would give parents the option to send their children to the public, private, charter, or magnet school of their choice. Trump believes that this will help to improve education in America because it will allow parents to choose the best school for their children.

School Choice

Donald Trump’s education plan focuses on school choice and pumping money into charter schools. He wants to redirect $20 billion in existing federal funding toward school choice programs, including vouchers for private and religious schools, and increase financing for charter schools. He also proposes giving states another $110 billion to spend on education as they see fit, which would likely lead to more charter school growth.

Common Core

Under the Common Core State Standards Initiative, federal and state governments worked together to establish a set of academic standards in English Language Arts and Mathematics that would be applicable to all students in the United States. The standards were designed to provide a consistent, clear understanding of what students are expected to learn, so that teachers and parents know what they need to do to help them. The standards are not a curriculum; rather, they provide a set of goals for learning that can be used by states, school districts, and teachers as they develop their own curriculum.

Education Spending

The Trump administration’s education budget proposal would redirect $5 billion in federal education funds away from existing programs like after-school care and toward a new wave of school choice initiatives, the Washington Post reported on Saturday.

The budget, which is set to be released on Thursday, would create a $500 million “innovation fund” to pay for charter schools and private school vouchers, and it would increase funding for a program that sends public school students to private schools. Trump has also proposed using $1.4 billion in existing education funds to create a new program that would give states money to send low-income students to private schools.

The budget proposal would also eliminate more than two dozen programs, including ones that fund after-school care, arts education, and teacher training. A White House official told the Post that the administration wants to focus on “core programs.”

Trump’s education budget is likely to face stiff opposition in Congress, where Democrats have already signaled their opposition to his school choice initiatives.


Trump’s education plan appears to be aimed at giving states and localities more control over education policy and spending, with a particular focus on expanding school choice through charter schools and vouchers. While it is still early in his presidency, Trump’s appointments and actions suggest that he is committed to carrying out this agenda.

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